Monday, November 1, 2010

A Snapshot of Our Visit With a Holistic MD

If you've read through our previous posts, you know that we have chosen a holistic approach to medical care for our children.  Less pharmaceutical medicine, more nutritional medicine...less chemicals, more nurturing and system support.  Our journey to support our young son, who we call Little Foot (his nick name we gave him during pregnancy) in this blog, has led us to a special clinic, which deals with many extreme cases of compromised health.  They work with a lot of individuals who are very ill, and have been struggling with health challenges for years.

We spent several hours with two doctors today, who are MDs as well as Homeopaths.  This means they use homeopathic remedies to help with supporting the body as a whole, as well as detoxifying the system.  We found out through some testing of Little Foot's meridians some of what we already knew, and some new things as well.  We've worked with many holistic practitioners in the last year and four months we've been seeking help for our little guy's food allergies.  Up until two months ago, it was primarily GI sensitivities, some eczema and sleeping issues that would arise, if he was exposed to certain foods.  When he experienced an anaphylactic reaction two months ago, we realized that we needed to seek other care, to get some more definitive answers, and find out how to support his system more.  We believe that the food sensitivities and allergies are symptoms of a more complex problem.  Our goal:  Find out how to best support his system and build his health, so that he is not as sensitive to food stressors.

Our experience was so interesting, and we will be posting various information about what we are learning over the next several weeks.  This is how our day went:

We arrived at the clinic at 7:30, handed in our forms we brought with us and filled out some additional paperwork.

The RN did the basic intake, temp, weight, height, etc.

She had me swab Little Foot's mouth/cheek for a base for one of his serums they would prepare for him.

She set us up in the room, where a nurse came in and did some baseline testing...essentially calibrating the testing machine they use to Little Foot's system.

A bit later, the primary doc came in and went over the health history with us, asking us a TON of questions.  He was with us for well over an hour.  He went through our little guy's health, and a ton on our pregnancy, the health of myself and my husband, and how it pulls together into our tot's profile.  He asked about drug, chemical and vaccine exposure to our son and the family.  He asked about our environment and lifestyles.  Through looking at how our little guy's system interacted with some of the tests, he determined his remedy serum for his particular constitution. 

Then we went into another exam room, and another MD Homeopath went through testing for foods and chemicals. 

Tomorrow, we will go through some more questions with the doctors, and we will be able to share more of the details of the visit. 

We are really appreciative that the doctors spent so much time answering our questions and working with us to discover all we can do to support our family's health. :)


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