Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Health Pilgrimage to...Las Vegas??

Since our daughter was about 14 months old and had two ear infections in a row, we have been on an alternative healthcare path.  The pediatrician suggested tubes, because at this point the only tool they had, a scrip pad, wasn't helping.  She had two rounds of antibiotics, and the infections would likely continue to return, because the fluid wasn't draining from her ears...I asked why the fluid was there.  Her answer was, "We don't know."  I asked her who they refer to, who could possibly have a solution for the problem, instead of just the symptom (stagnant fluid that was accumulating behind her ear drum).  She said they sometimes referred to a chiropractor.

We knew Dr. Dave Jowdy from professional networking, and gave him a call.  During the first visit, he said that our daughter had a yeast problem, and suggested we put her on a low-glycemic diet, to help her body get back to balance.  We immediately took her off all high-glycemic foods (including dairy, non-whole grains, and all fruits other than berries).  The fluid in her ears went away, and she never again had an ear infection (she's 6 now).

We have determined since then that she has a pretty acute sensitivity to dairy.  Her symptoms are not as obvious as our little guy's.  When she was little it materialized in rough skin on her shins, cradle cap, and every time she had a cold, it escalated into significant sinus issues or lung congestion. 

Today if she has too much dairy, it looks different...coughing, deep circles under her eyes, and itching on her palms and feet.  The coughing is amazing now...if she has the slightest bit of dairy at a birthday party, that night when she goes to sleep she'll start with a hacking cough for one or two nights.    All from a little bit of ice cream or cheese.  Here I also need to share, because some people we've talked to recently didn't know this:  dairy includes milk, cheese, whey and casein.  It's also important to know that from everything we've read and chatted with others about...if you eliminate dairy, to help with respiratory symptoms for instance, it takes three and a half to four weeks to see significant improvement.  It takes a bit for your body to clean it out.

Allopathic-western medicine deals with most issues with their limited tools: drugs and scalpels.  They operate on flow charts, which include escalating to stronger drugs, ending in an operating room.  Western medicine is not skilled in resolving chronic conditions.  We see it every day in our work.  Traditional MDs throw shots and pills at our clients, until the clients realize that there's another way.

THIS is why we are in Las Vegas to see an MD Homeopath for our little guy's food allergies and sensitivities.  We don't believe in treating symptoms.  Symptoms are red flags to help us understand what is really going on.  His symptoms were eczema, GI distress, poor sleeping patterns, (all of which he's been doing MUCH better with, since eliminating distressing foods) but now anaphylaxis is added to the, we are very motivated to find out how to help his body reach more balance.  The food allergies are a symptom...what IS the root cause.  We plan to get some answers tomorrow.  When making the appointment, the clinic staff repeated to me, "We want for you to ask all the questions you have about how to support his little body.  We are going to find out what *his* little body needs, what may be compromising his system, and how to support *his* body.  We want for you to know exactly what *his* body needs to be healthy."  We've seen a lot of doctors now who talk like this...but not until we went off the beaten path of 'regular' medical practices.  If you aren't hearing doctors or medical professionals speak to you like this, there are other options.

Now, I challenge you to go through your health history, or that of your child...what symptoms have you been experiencing that are actually pointing to a deeper issue?

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